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Cheesburger Soup

Cheeseburger Soup(adapted from Holly’s recipe at doubled the recipe to make aprox. 10 servings one package of ground turkey (mine was 2.2lbs)2 onions, chopped5 carrots, shredded3 stalks celery, diced2 tsp basil- I probably put in more4 tbsp dried parsley- again, probably moreone stick butter6 cups chicken broth5 potatoes, mashed1/2 cup flour8 oz processed cheese […]

All is quiet

Not much new with the chickens these days. Yesterday we got a heated water bucket, finally. The winter weather here is usually relatively mild. Not this year, its been record breaking cold I bet. So I never thought we would need a heated bucket, but their water has frozen solid more than once. I have […]

Food Miles

As I have said before, I began this with intentions to document my trying to eat/grow/purchase locally (at least)- and well, I have been failing terribly lately and its a bit depressing. As I was preparing dinner last night the peppers I was cutting were from Mexico (they were very cute tri colored baby sweet […]

BackYardChickens post & sophisticated chicken coop

This is the link to Adam’s post on back yard chickens: I’ll be pretty impressed when we have a chicken door that can open & close by itself!