All is quiet

Not much new with the chickens these days. Yesterday we got a heated water bucket, finally. The winter weather here is usually relatively mild. Not this year, its been record breaking cold I bet. So I never thought we would need a heated bucket, but their water has frozen solid more than once. I have had to bring it up to the house to thaw it and refill for them. The good news is that it is a five gallon bucket, so it will last longer now too. We were afraid it would be too high for them to get their heads into it, so we surrounded it with hay. All set!

I got my first McMurray catalogue in the mail yesterday. Wow! It is something to look through their stock on line, but it is very different to flip through page after page of birds. I saw the pheasants, they really are beautiful. But when I read they had to be ordered in multiples of 30 I thought maybe we weren’t quite ready for that yet. I really want a peacock, and they only need to bought in multiples of 8. Maybe…

PS- At the end of the day when Adam went down to close up their door (which isn’t necessary to open anyway because they won’t even step out the door when there is snow on the ground) he said the water in the bucket was steaming. crazy!
And the linear actuator came in the mail today too- unfortunately it seems to have taken apart and incorrectly put back together with a missing screw.