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Mixed week for the chickens

We were awoken at 6:45 this morning to a very strange noise. It sounded like one of the cats were stuck somewhere, but coming from outside. Knowing they were both in the bathroom for the night; I had to get up to investigate. Turns out it was one of the chickens, a hen, doing her […]

Chick Hatching- Play by Play Photo’s

I’m loving Monday because…1.the kids are back to school today!!2. my husband (again, I guess he’s a keeper) fixed our computer after I deleted the whole Microsoft Suite by accident without losing any of our files!3. our 2 new chicks hatched & are doing well4. Shape up RI -for making me get back into exercising.5. […]

Our First Hatching

As we calculated, our first chick arrived today; right on time. When we got up this morning, around 6, there was a circle cracked in the egg. After watching it for a while, we heard the first “cheep”- I was so excited!! The kids spent the morning fighting for position looking into the window hoping […]

Stuffed French Toast

New goal- use something in pantry/freezer from the summer. I know I have mentioned that I hoard this stuff – why?? I have been good with the relish & jelly- we use mine exclusively, but everything else gets saved for a “special” occasion. Yes, I know, this makes no sense. So, in order to help […]

What’s local now- more than I thought!

I spent the day finally catching up on all the blog postings I missed while I was on vacation. Really, it was Zen Habits that I still needed to read- everyone else I had caught up with. Leo’s sight was going to take some time to read and take it all in. Most interesting I […]

He is definitely a rooster

I have previously mentioned that we thought we had a rooster in the mix of the young chickens. He is. My seven year old daughter came up from the coop yesterday afternoon hollering about how he is definitely a rooster because he was chasing all the girls around and pecking at them. My husband concurred […]

RI Red laying ?!?!

Yesterday we got 2 eggs from the chickens for the first time in months. And, one was brown- you know what that means – one of the RI reds are laying. How exciting. They are only 3 and 1/2 months old. Is that even possible? I don’t know, but no one else is a brown […]

automated chicken door & egg hatching

I took pictures of the “baby” chickens- who are now bigger than the older ones. It is so interesting to see how the different breeds mature. And how about this guy(?) we thing he might be a rooster as he has been bigger than the rest since he got here. No definitive proof yet. We […]