automated chicken door & egg hatching

I took pictures of the “baby” chickens- who are now bigger than the older ones. It is so interesting to see how the different breeds mature.

And how about this guy(?) we thing he might be a rooster as he has been bigger than the rest since he got here. No definitive proof yet. We love the beards they are developing, not a good picture for that here, but most of the aracaunas have them.

Here it is- the up & running automated chicken door! Just flick the switch & up it goes. I don’t think the chickens are impressed, but I am. We have plans to make it automated do it will go up and down on its own- but we need different parts (I believe).

We put two eggs into the incubator the kids got for Christmas. We have candled them and could have, possibly, we don’t really know, might have seen something. We put them in on the 30th and the 31st- so about 21 days will put us around Feb 20th. We don’t even know who is laying now, so I can’t wait to see what happens.