Chick Hatching- Play by Play Photo’s

I’m loving Monday because…
1.the kids are back to school today!!
2. my husband (again, I guess he’s a keeper) fixed our computer after I deleted the whole Microsoft Suite by accident without losing any of our files!
3. our 2 new chicks hatched & are doing well
4. Shape up RI -for making me get back into exercising.
5. Danielle at White Hot Truth for having this idea- we all need to count our blessing more often.

This is the second chick hatching, we documented most of it:
Early Saturday morning, it’s beak is poking thru

This chick got a bit of help from my husband- who is more impatient than the kids. He “helped” by breaking of pieces of the shell, leaving the membrane intact underneath.

Now it’s starting to break thru the membrane.

And a little more. It would go into a burst of energy- kicking and moving its head, then go back to sleep. Can you believe how its curled up in that tiny egg!

Stretch! We figured out that the process happens slowly because the chick & egg dries out as it goes, thus drying out the blood vessels that had nourished it.

Finally- a cute little baby chick!!

Whew, that was a lot of work- back to sleep!

Here are the two of them, hatched Friday & Saturday. The must have the same parents because they look exactly the same. You can’t see it here, but they both even have a couple little black spots on their backs.
Things we have learned so far:
1. don’t mess with nature, its a slow process on purpose.
2. have another activity ongoing as 4 kids cannot be looking at the same time. and you know the saying- “a watched egg does not hatch” well, I tweaked the saying a bit.
3. Have a back up heat lamp- I went down stairs and it had come apart- not good for the poor chick. It fully recovered though after a little time back in the incubator.
4. We should not have put 5 eggs in one one day- how will they all fit at hatching time??
For some great info & pictures, check out the University of Nebraska’s site.