He is definitely a rooster

I have previously mentioned that we thought we had a rooster in the mix of the young chickens. He is. My seven year old daughter came up from the coop yesterday afternoon hollering about how he is definitely a rooster because he was chasing all the girls around and pecking at them. My husband concurred that he was trying to grab a hold of any/ all of the chickens he could. They were all running away from him- poor guy. I have seen the big rooster at work- he holds them down by his beak on the back of their neck. They expect it from him- I don’t think they know what to make of another rooster. I change my mind- poor girls!!!

We have continued to get 2 eggs a day this week, and one is usually brown. We now have 8 eggs in the incubator. Adam took out 2 yesterday as they showed no signs of growing. The oldest one is so big in there, you can’t even see what is what any more. And- one of the brown ones is fertilized – I was shocked! But- I guess when there are two roosters at work…..