Mixed week for the chickens

We were awoken at 6:45 this morning to a very strange noise. It sounded like one of the cats were stuck somewhere, but coming from outside. Knowing they were both in the bathroom for the night; I had to get up to investigate. Turns out it was one of the chickens, a hen, doing her cluck, cluck, CLUCK announcement that she was laying soon. I though this was unusual, as I had never heard it so loud. Also unusual was the fact that a significant group of chickens were working their way up the “hill” (our septic mound) toward the house.

Unfortunately; Adam went down a bit later and found that our last buff laced polish was killed. I guess that explains all the unusual behavior. (This is where I have the need to mention that I did say to have them let out at sunrise was a bad idea as the predators are still out). We also had our barred rock disappear this week too. No sign of a struggle, but no sign of the chicken either; its been too long to think that she is coming back.

But on the other/good side of things. We have hatched 4 eggs this week and those 4 chicks are doing very well. They are so cute too!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is a sunny, mild day here in RI. I am on my way out to help Adam shingle the garage- fun, fun, fun!