Stuffed French Toast

New goal- use something in pantry/freezer from the summer. I know I have mentioned that I hoard this stuff – why?? I have been good with the relish & jelly- we use mine exclusively, but everything else gets saved for a “special” occasion. Yes, I know, this makes no sense. So, in order to help over come, I will try this tactic.

Tuesday for breakfast we had stuffed french toast, YUM!!!

French toast- 4 eggs (all ours, since the RI reds & the aracaunas have started laying, we are getting at least 5 – one day 10! eggs a day- this might have something to do with the light we put into the coop too)

one cup milk

cinnamon sugar mix

bread- i have been using Wonder kids- white bread made from whole grain & with added calcium- can’t beat that

mix all ingredients except bread. the cinnamon sugar floats on the top and then only gets to one side of the bread, so I put that side down in the pan and sprinkle the other side with more cinnamon sugar. We have a griddle in our kitchen that would cook all the french toast at once HOW NICE, but we have yet to install the exhaust hood (no we didn’t just move, its been years, ahem, new projects have arose like the garage- grrrr) and its a bit too cold to have the door open, so I am stuck to the frying pan.

For the sauce, I warmed up cream cheese in the microwave with my strawberry sauce (some of the strawberry jelly i made that didn’t set and therefore turned into strawberry sauce), and stirred until smooth. Well, I gave up before it was actually smooth and had to convince the kids it would taste good even though it looked unpleasantly lumpy.

Very, very good. Megan said it tasted like cheesecake, and what is better than that???