What’s local now- more than I thought!

I spent the day finally catching up on all the blog postings I missed while I was on vacation. Really, it was Zen Habits that I still needed to read- everyone else I had caught up with. Leo’s sight was going to take some time to read and take it all in. Most interesting I found were two guest posts by Scott and Jonathan about eating raw & simple foods. And that got me to thinking- yes, I should be eating more foods raw, but what a hard thing to do in the winter without feeling like your food has travelled the world to get to you. And then back to my winter dilemma- sigh, I wish I was eating more “local. ” Then I went to the fridge and saw the local Arruda’s milk and thought, I wonder what else is local right now in my kitchen. There was more that I thought, what a pleasant surprise!

A new bag of potatoes I bought for the corn chowder. Which, by the way, had only one entry in the vegetable chowder division at that chowder cook off I wanted to enter. So I would have won a ribbon no matter what it came out like! 🙂

Here is the pantry shelf- jams & jellies, relish, couple kinds of pickles, dried cherry tomatoes are in the front. Some strawberry sauce and vinegars are in there too.

My favorite wines- I can walk to the vineyard from my house.

And the fridge- some of the same stuff from the pantry, cranberry sauce, cranberry mustard, brandied cranberries (see a pattern here??), some apples and my mother in laws chimichurri.

NOT this!

Hers is my freezer- some cranberry lemon sorbet, tomato sauce, strawberries, blueberries, more soup.

My measly herb pot that I was able to bring inside in the fall. I had hoped to bring more of the herb pots in, but they were all overgrown and scraggly but the end of the fall.
I have another shelf of canned items that I forgot to take a picture of- applesauce, spiced apples and tomatoes. So- I really have a lot here. Now, If I can stop feeling like I have to hoard them all and use more, I’ll be all set. But that is another topic for another day.