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Funny Chicken Story

First thing in the morning a couple days ago, I went into the office to turn on the computer. I look out the window into my neighbor’s driveway. Behind her car is a black thing. I think to myself, hum, they must have forgotten to bring something in last night. Oh man, how many times […]

Look what I found!!!

I was so excited when I went down back in my yard today and found this pussy willow bush! See the one that is thick & curled? I love that! My friend has a landscaping business and last spring she made some pots with these, and I had never seen them before. They are so […]

Our chicks- relocated

Elysian Field Originals: Visitor to the Hen House Here is a link to Valerie’s blog where she mentioned some of our “girls” she had bought from us in the summer. They are looking pretty happy- I can’t say the same for the older hens- they are looking pretty bothered by the new chicks. Hey- just […]