Funny Chicken Story

First thing in the morning a couple days ago, I went into the office to turn on the computer. I look out the window into my neighbor’s driveway. Behind her car is a black thing. I think to myself, hum, they must have forgotten to bring something in last night. Oh man, how many times have I done that. Then the black thing moves. Huh, I say, that doesn’t really look like a cat…. oh- it’s a chicken!

Adam, I yell (supposedly, according to the kids my “yelling” woke them all up) there is a chicken across the road. Now, this chicken had to travel quite a while to get all the way over here, it must have been running away from something- probably the rooster!!

So Adam goes across the road, gets the chicken and returns her back where she belongs. All the kids are awake now, trying to find out what all the excitement is about. One of them looks at me and says- “Mom, why did that chicken cross the road….”

Isn’t that the age old question?!?!? LOL!!

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