Saturday Night- Date Night

I think tonight’s post is going to be a ramble of thoughts-

1. the chicken salad from the other night worked out great- I took to work with me yesterday for lunch, had it for a quick dinner on my out to the roller derby then the rest for lunch again today.

2. yes, I just said the roller derby- Alyssa’s girl scout troop went to try and watch a game (do they even call it that?) but it got rained out. It was totally crazy, and they didn’t even play. What an eclectic group of people! I took a couple of pictures, but they with all the girl scouts and I don’t want to put them up without permission.

3. my friend’s adopted aunt passed away today after fighting the good fight. I think they had the funeral today of the woman whose house we are buying. And you know how a death brings back all the feelings from other deaths you have grieved from in the past. So I’m feeling sad tonight.

4. While I was out at work, hubby made dinner, a very good dinner. Steak & cheese sandwiches, home made french fries and funnel cakes for dessert! YUM!!

5. I made another very interesting connection via the Internet this week. I was googling some stuff for the new property and I stumbled across another blog- Sustainable Sakonnet and was really taken aback. Not only does Bill’s blog have a similar name to mine, we use the same layout (I guess not a big deal; it is, after all, one of the typical templates- but it was a surprise), and we have similar ideas/ values. He talks more about overall “green” living as I focus more on the local foods- but it was so similar! Oh, and I didn’t even mention that he lives in the next town over! So I shot him an email immediately, to which he replied right back, and so the connection began. Welcome to anyone who wanders over this way from Sustainable Sakonnet, please look around a bit and tell me what you think!