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It’s Official !!!

We are now owners of a second piece of property! Woo-Hoo! I snapped a few pix as I was standing there looking in awe at my surroundings. Here is the 360 degree from behind the garage. For some better pictures, you can go back here. And to keep tabs on what is going on there- […]

Baked Flounder Fillets in Lemon-Soy Vinaigrette Recipe at

I have no pictures tonight, but I do have two awesome recipes to share- you’ll just have to use your imagination. I’m doing well sticking to the meal plan this week. I have even taken out the chicken for the crock pot tomorrow. But, do you think I’ll have time to do that, get the […]

Swiss Chard with Onions & Garlic

I made my second swiss chard recipe ever tonight. (first being here with feta and dried cranberries) This was pretty good too- but I think I liked the first recipe better. The kids did too- I only gave them bites of it and only one ate it all. It wasn’t very visually appealing- hence no […]

Pico de Gallo

I have almost nothing in the way of tomatoes this year- my couple plants that survived the wet spring/early summer are just starting to fruit now and they are still little and green. The “real” farmers even had huge trouble this year because after the wet spring, they got the blight. Very sad. But- I […]

Canning Peaches- step by step with photos

I am so excited that I finally got got some canning accomplished. I bought peaches from Young’s Farm earlier in the week. Carla sells the ones that are a little banged up for 99 cents a pound. With a little trimming, they are as good as new. I tried to take some pictures along the […]

Mother Nauture Knows Best

Since I skipped Wordless Wednesday this week, I’m taking the liberty to use that post today. Look what is going on in our coop today- this morning everyone was busy doing their thing. See the top right box, there is a chicken who has been sitting on her eggs for just the right amount of […]

Stained Glass Pasta

I have another exciting recipe to share for home made pasta. This was given to me by the lovely Ruth Daniels of Once Upon a Feast and Presto Pasta Nights (of which I will participate in this week). Ruth was so sweet and emailed back and forth with me so many times when I hounded […]

1st Day of School!

Well, we made it! Everyone had a great day- including Jonathan. Whew! 4 lunch boxes. oh my… (look at Jonathan’s cute lunch box, has a superman cape and everything- thanks MOM!) This was Jonathan a full hour before the bus was due to come. He was NERVOUS! Then the “official” 1st day pictures. Look, the […]

Can’t post- in a funk!

I can’t seem to process what is going on in my own head much less do anything productive today! Certainly can’t think of a good post because I’m stuck in a time warp- wasn’t this just last year? Can that baby really be old enough to go to school – ALL DAY??? And this one? […]