Stained Glass Pasta

I have another exciting recipe to share for home made pasta. This was given to me by the lovely Ruth Daniels of Once Upon a Feast and Presto Pasta Nights (of which I will participate in this week). Ruth was so sweet and emailed back and forth with me so many times when I hounded her for advice on fresh pasta making. Although I can’t seem to find her email with her recipe, this is what I thought I remembered.

To see the recipe (flour, eggs, salt ONLY!) and step by step of the basic pasta, please see my post here.

After rolling the pasta out all the way, I lined it with fresh lime basil from my garden (given to me by my dad). This is the most amazing basil in the world! One of my very favorite smells of all time. I’m going to grow a TON next year!

Then I folded over the pasta to cover the basil, it fit perfect.

Then I ran it thru the machine again. 1st time thru the smallest setting- mistake. It ripped the leaves and they immediately started to brown. The next time I went down one notch, then another, which I found to be just right. (Just like Goldie locks!!)

This is what it looked like cooked- sorry for the poor quality. I took the pictures with my phone to save time- life is a zoo over here these days!

We actually didn’t eat this the night I made it. We had gotten some fresh garlic from our friends at Beanhouses which Adam had cooked with olive oil for sauce. I ended up taking some of that, incorporating it into the dough and making a garlic pasta- YUM!! It was awesome! Anyway, this was still very good the next day. The herb flavor was just right, not over powering as I was afraid it was going to be.

Polly & Jeremy also gave us some of their fresh greens mix- doesn’t it look great?!?!

Fresh pasta & fresh salad, doesn’t get much better than that, huh?

With the rest of the pasta, I tried out refrigerator packing. (I had tried freezing it last time like Ruth suggested with good results). I put the strands out onto wax paper then folded them over to fit into the box and not have the pasta touching each other. I gave it to some friends the next morning- and they all said it cooked up well the next day. I am SO loving this fresh pasta thing. In fact, I have not bought any straight pasta since I made it- this stuff is just too good!!

As I said, I will be entering this into Presto Pasta Nights hosted this week by Sweet Kitchen. Please go over and check it out- there are always some amazing recipes in this round up!