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I think we’re all set for now….

Hubby went to the auction last night to get A (singular- meaning one) friend for Maggie last night. I stayed home with my eldest to catch up on homework & sleep. MISTAKE! He came home with- THREE friends for Maggie- At least 6 of these- (top hats I think) A Peacock! And a duck!! At […]

Wonderful day Working in the Woods

I tried to capture the essence of what we did today over at the farm, but it was pretty hard to photograph. We were working on getting a space for the goat and some of the chickens to get over there. There was a shed/coop from when the original owner was there. So we started […]

Sakonnet Farm is becoming a reality

I don’t think I’ve posted in a week- and I really miss it. But, thinks have been crazy over here (that’s not new) in a very different way. Monday night we bought Maggie- out new goat. She is so cute- I have a couple great stories to tell, but I’m so tired I can’t type […]