I think we’re all set for now….

Hubby went to the auction last night to get A (singular- meaning one) friend for Maggie last night. I stayed home with my eldest to catch up on homework & sleep. MISTAKE!

He came home with- THREE friends for Maggie-

At least 6 of these- (top hats I think)

A Peacock!

And a duck!!

At least he left the partridge & the pear tree! I was sorry I missed the drop off of the goats to their pen last night. They were from the same breeder as Maggie. They said that Maggie was so excited, she was rubbing them and snuggling them- they must have recognized each other- how cute!!

What was not cute is we went down there this morning, the fence was open and there were no goats to be found. Thankfully, we found them in the neighbors yard and got them back inside the fence- whew!

So- we’re starting to build the Ark this afternoon, anyone free? 🙂