Wonderful day Working in the Woods

I tried to capture the essence of what we did today over at the farm, but it was pretty hard to photograph. We were working on getting a space for the goat and some of the chickens to get over there. There was a shed/coop from when the original owner was there. So we started to clear it out and found it to be in pretty good shape, they don’t build things like they used to- this shed has probably not been used in 20-30 years! There was a lot of old fence that was literally grown into the ground, so we cut that out. Then we found a whole section of fence that was still intact and use able. So we started clearing out around that fence and here are the pictures from that.



Here is what we set up for the goat & the chickens. They are sharing the shed, because conveniently it is split in two inside- they think of everything! This is an electric fence around it because that darn goat will got out of anything. Tuesday morning (the 1st day we had her) she got out first thing and was running thru the neighborhood. followed my me and the two employees of my neighbor. SO funny!! Then the next day she got out (as I was trying to make cookies for said employees) and my 86 year old neighbor calls me on the phone- “um, I think one of your animals has gotten out, maybe a goat- it’s on my front porch” And then again today, we left her tied up in the woods, as we were walking up around the house. Our new neighbor across the road came walking over with her-0 she was in the middle of the road!! Oh well, I guess its an easy way to meet the neighbors!!

To round off the day, we cleared a little from around the stream which was running fast today after all the rain we got yesterday.

Isn’t that beautiful!! Can’t wait to work on that some more. Thanks to coming back, even though I’ve hardley been here latley. More food chat to come soon, promise!!