Updates from our crazy life- 2 months in one post!

Howdy, y’all! Yes, we are still alive up here in our little corner of RI. I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last posted- my life has been completely changed, in a good way. No worries about being bored with all the kids in school anymore!

For a while, I was picking up a lot of extra days at work. That has slowed down since they hired another day nurse. Then Adam & I both got the swine flu (we think) thankfully at different times. I’m still trying to recover from the secondary respiratory infection, slow (and frustrating) but sure.

I went thru our pix to give a quick synopsis of what we’ve been doing. Here is a picture of us signing the paperwork for the new property that our real estate agent took. I thought it was a nice family picture.

Family project- making mushrooms

We spent quite a few mornings like this. We had to all go over there before school/work because it took two of us to milk Abby. She had just calved and was making some milk when we got her. She has since weaned off and is no longer making any milk. But I was happy we got some experience with milking. Turns out Alyssa was one of the best- I think her hands were the perfect size.

Since we were learning as we were going, it took a while for us to figure out what we were doing. Which meant sometimes forgetting the appropriate equipment and using what we had in the car!

We didn’t drink the milk, but I put it into the freezer. I’m thinking of trying to make some soap.

We are also trying out meat birds, as I think I had mentioned before. Here they are in the beginning of November.

Here they are now. So they are growing, but not as fast as expected and we have lost quite a few. Again, learning as we go.

We’ve started working on the main house at the new property with plans to rent it. This is what we were up against. I mean both the wall paper and the kids expressions as it pretty plainly states their opinion regarding “working” over there.

Well, at least we have one enthusiastic helper!

As the leaves are falling we are getting a different view of the property. Here is the pond that is behind us (not our property). The kids are hoping it will freeze this winter.

We’ve also had a birthday- Jonathan turned 6!

and Halloween-

So things are cranking along over here. I will get new pix of the goats over the weekend. They have gotten nice and fat for the winter. I also have hopes of getting our Christmas photo taken. We shall see…..