Sakonnet Growers Market

Today was the last day of the farmer’s market for 2011. A special Thanksgiving market. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, basketball, friends for the kids & installation of our new sign took over the day. Here are a couple pictures taken over the summer by Robin Toste (wife of our webdesigner).       
What I love about these pictures is they really caught the essence of every one’s tables. I was a new farmer, a new addition to this group, and I was warmly welcomed by everyone. We had a great summer at the market. My kids came with me every week, some weeks I left them there and they ran the table themselves. They learned social skills, practiced change making, and we had fun.


This is Roots Farm- Kelli (not pictured) & Mike. They were at the booth next to us, and their farm is right around the corner from our farm. They farm right through the winter- looking forward to some delicious winter carrots!


Here are Jami & I- I guess she was sharing a funny story


Skinny Dip Farm – a new farm this year started by Hannah & Ben, his mom was there most weeks as well.
Their table was always so beautiful!



Delish treats for both the patrons & the vendors.
 “payment” for the kids helping out was usually a treat from here or Steve.


Here is Steve Cory, Cory’s Kitchen at Sweet Berry Farm. Very impressive line up of jelly and my favorite treat (have to pay yourself as well as the help!) spinach croissant.


Alice, also around the corner from our farm, had beautiful plants!


Chris of Seapowet Shellfish, was usually doing something like this. He was so great with the kids- the last day we were there he called his wife who brought down a huge Frisbee to entertain everyone.


This is Kristin, who made the most beautiful bouquets! She grows everything herself, some in Connecticut where they live during the week, and some here in her Westport home where they stayed on the weekends. She has three boys who were in and out with her husband. Most of the time her eldest, Adicus, stayed and was a big help, hot just to her but to everyone!