RI Farm Scavenger Hunt

We have meet some great people because of the RI Farm Scavenger Hunt, have you visited your local farms recently?

This is a very fun way you can support your local farmers and enter to win this raffle at the same time.  Some folks will win a collection of coupons to the various farms. But the grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate for a one night stay at our Schoolhouse No. 1!! You can pick up the brochure and any of the participating farms, or down load it here:

2017 RI Farm Scavenger Hunt

Since we run our farm via the honor system, it has been confusing for some people. When you visit our farm, enter the garage through the yellow door next to the flag. Straight ahead is a table with our jams (delicious- you should try one!). Our stickers and a sample of the picture you are trying to match is on the table.

If you want to see the goats, pig, ducks & chickens; you can go back outside and around to the back of the garage. Please be careful if any of the animals are inside our white fence, it’s electric and will hurt if you touch it. Everyone is super friendly, and they think everyone is there to feed them. We have a pond for the ducks so please keep close eyes on your kiddos near the water. 

Feel free to comment here or on our facebook page about your experience. And if you take pictures- we’d love to see them!