Chicks, Chicks and More Chicks!










We gave eggs to Sakonnet Early Learning, here in Tiverton, last month for hatching. They had three cute little chicks for me to take back to the farm last Friday. They always come with names when kids hatch them so they are from left to right- Peeper, Blackberry & Owl. I always thought the striped ones looked like chipmunks, but the kids thought it looked like an owl; hence the name.

I significantly enlarged the pullet’s run today, so once they figure out there is more grass to eat, they’ll be thrilled. I had to fully enclose the run,  we have had hawk troubles here as there are few trees in this area.  They are RI Red and Aracauna chickens, 10 weeks old now. They are fed a non medicated chick starter and whatever bugs & grass they can find outside. The RI Reds are for sale at $10/each. We’d like to keep all the Aracauna’s we have to boost our own egg layer flock.


We also had our next batch of Freedom Rangers arrive last Thursday. 103 mixed female and male chicks. Which will give us a wider variety of weights this time. They are due to be full grown in late July. We are offering the ability to pre-order your chickens. For a $5 per bird deposit, you can be notified when the birds are ready and have first choice to pick out which size birds you would like to purchase. The $5 will be applied to the final cost, which will stay at $4/lb.  Please contact Kristin if you would like us to put your name on the pre-order list.