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Virtual Egg Hatch- Day #17

So between the blizzard (that wasn’t) and starting to paint at the new house- I forgot to post for a couple of days- oops! I was so nervous about losing power during the storm and then what would I have done with the incubator? But thankfully that wasn’t an issue.  I candled the eggs last […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #13

Again, not much new today. The chick is just getting bigger and stronger.  Fingers of the wings are covered with feather papillae. The left and right collar bones fuse to form the wishbone.   Here is a large collection of lesson plans involving chicks & hatching.  This is a picture of the aviary we built […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #12

There aren’t many big changes going on in the eggs today.  Scales appear on the lower legs. The embryo continues to grow and move. The ribs begin to ossify. This is a scan from the top of the egg showing the blood vessels supplying blood to the chick.  Here is a link to Enchanted Learning’s […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #11

So on day #11, even the MRI experts are having a hard time taking pictures of the chicks because if all their movement. Here is what they got.    And this is how the chicks are developed today.  The toe claws begin to curve downward. The bottom of the feet become padded. Feather germs on […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #10

We are halfway there! You are not going to believe the dream I had last night… that all the eggs were filled with little baby people! I’m sure it’s because my niece had a baby yesterday- but SO WEIRD! Here is what is going on with the chicks today: Claws begin to form. The comb […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #9

I’m so excited to share great news today! Jonathan and I candled the eggs last night and we are having excellent results so far. We have 40 eggs in the incubator, and out of those 40 36 are growing! I’m thrilled that the eggs were so fertile.  The candling process is pretty simple. We have a […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #8

Here is the exciting news now that the chicks are a full week old: Three rows of feather germs are visible on the tail. The nictitating membranes (inner eye lids) begins to form. The egg tooth begins to form. The bone marrow cavity of the femur begins to form. It looks like they candeled their […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #7

On day # 7  A row of feather germs appears on the tail. The sclera of the eye begins to form. Feather papillae appear on the thigh. The leg bends at the knee. I am finding this day by day so amazing. Usually I don’t give the eggs much thought during the first couple weeks, […]

Virtual Egg Hatching- Day #6

There are some amazing things happening inside these eggs and they are not even stable enough for me to take them out and candle them yet!  The beak becomes visible. The wing bends at the elbow. The allantois begins to fuse with the chorion. The ribs begin to appear. The gizzard begins to form. The […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #5

Today’s excitement-  The reproductive organs begin to form. The bones of the legs begin to form. The crop begins to form. The crop of the chicken is at the base if its esophagus, its like a little pocket that food is stored in until it moves into the stomach. After the chickens eat a bunch […]