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Virtual Egg Incubation- Day #4

Here is the “zoomed out” version of what is going on today.  Still using the MRI you can see the different layers of the egg. We still can’t see any difference in our eggs. We’ll be candeling them at day 7 or 8. Candeling is basically holding up a high powered flashlight up to the […]

Virtual Egg Hatch = Day #3

Look at how much the circulatory system has developed since yesterday!  This is what’s developing today.  The head begins to turn onto its left side. The tongue begins to form. The amnion completely surrounds the embryo. The tail has appeared. Wing and leg buds are visible. Soon other organs such as the liver, kidneys, and […]

Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #2

Welcome back! Here is what is going on inside those eggs today.  25 hours: The heart begins to form. 33 hours: The ears begin to form. 42 hours: The heart starts to beat. So in this picture you can see the darkest spot in the middle is the beginning of the embryo. There are the […]