Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #11

So on day #11, even the MRI experts are having a hard time taking pictures of the chicks because if all their movement. Here is what they got. 


And this is how the chicks are developed today. 

  • The toe claws begin to curve downward.

  • The bottom of the feet become padded.

  • Feather germs on the back and tail appear as long, tapering cones.

  • The beak begins to harden.

  • The comb appears serrated.

  • The embryo begins to draw calcium from the eggshell for its growing bones.

In their discussion today they give very clear instructions on how to dye the chicks. You know, you’ve seen those pictures around Easter- 

Apparently it can be done very safely and is useful when studying genetics of your hatching process. Still…. I’m not sure I would feel comfortable injecting the egg. What do you think?