Virtual Egg Hatch- Day #17

So between the blizzard (that wasn’t) and starting to paint at the new house- I forgot to post for a couple of days- oops! I was so nervous about losing power during the storm and then what would I have done with the incubator? But thankfully that wasn’t an issue. 

I candled the eggs last night and they all look about the same except for one. Its so hard to see in them now because the chick is so big that its mostly dark. The flashlight can’t shine through where the chick is. Since I last posted, here is what has happened in he eggs:

  • Fingers of the wings are covered with feather papillae.

  • The left and right collar bones fuse to form the wishbone.

  • The embryo turns its head toward the blunt end of the egg.

  • The skull has begun to ossify.

  • The scales, claws, and beak are becoming firm.
  • The embryo turns its beak toward the air cell.

  • The chorioallantoic cavity lines most of the inside surface of the egg shell.

  • The beak turns towards the air cell.

Tomorrow we take the eggs out of the turner and they stay still until they begin to hatch. We also increase the humidity in the incubator above 60%, this makes it easier for them to dis attach from the shell. We should start to hear them peep soon, that’s always exciting!