Virtual Egg Hatch – Day #9

I’m so excited to share great news today! Jonathan and I candled the eggs last night and we are having excellent results so far. We have 40 eggs in the incubator, and out of those 40 36 are growing! I’m thrilled that the eggs were so fertile. 

The candling process is pretty simple. We have a high powered flashlight that we shine through the eggs. At first, it takes some inspection to see if anything is going on. Because you haven’t compared it to an unfertilized egg. One you see what that one looks like, you can tell if the chick is growing in a second. We tried to take some pictures to show you. It was totally dark in the room so the pictures aren’t that great, but I bet you can tell which is which.

 The one on the left is  fertilized and growing.      The one on the right is not. 

The air sac is towards the top of the fertilized egg, that is the lighter spot. If you look closely in the darkest spot of the egg you can see almost a circular shape? That’s the chick. What we noticed right away was the movement of the chicks inside the eggs, it was like they were dancing in there! None of us remember this from previous egg hatches. It was so cool! We took a video, again quite difficult to see, (as you can here me commenting in the video!) but it’s there. I posted the video on our Facebook page, here is a link. 

Fertilized egg video

So I hope you are enjoying this as much as we are. My son and I were discussing it last night. We usually don’t think about what’s going on with the eggs nearly this much until the very end. I am currently setting up two schools with what they need to hatch their own and another school we are just a resource for the chickens to live with us after the hatch (they are the experts that let the ducks roam the classroom I posted about the other day). So it really feels like spring is right around the corner!