Virtual Egg Incubation- Day #4

Here is the “zoomed out” version of what is going on today. 

Still using the MRI you can see the different layers of the egg. We still can’t see any difference in our eggs. We’ll be candeling them at day 7 or 8. Candeling is basically holding up a high powered flashlight up to the egg to see if they have started growing yet. I’ll be posting our own pictures then. 

Whats going on today? 

  • The somites extend to the tip of the tail.

  • The toes begin to form.

  • The allantois is visible coming off the hindgut.

A somite is part of the embryo that will eventually develop into the chickens’ vertebrae. 
The allantois is a sack like structure in the embryo that  will help it exchange gases and handle liquid waste.