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Farmstays in Tiverton Rhode Island

Dundery Brook & Little Compton Walking Trail

I recently had the pleasure to fully explore the Dundery Brook trail and the new paved walking trail in Little Compton town center. There is a parking lot with portable toilets to begin the figure eight trail which is about a half mile in total. The west end of the figure eight surrounds the James Hayes Recreational Field, a beautiful soccer field that the Wilbur McMahon School has had the privilege to use this year. 

The track is adjacent to brand new tennis courts. 

The east half of of the loop surrounds the baseball field and our playground.
The playground was also relatively recently updated and is fenced in along all sides. 

The new walking trail ties into the beautiful Dundery Brook Trail, built by the Nature Conservancy. 

The 1.2 mile (round trip) trail is entirely handicapped accessible,
a flat walkway all the way to the end looks just like this. 

One loan tree had started to show it’s beautiful fall colors. 


Part of the trail forks off to the side for wetlands viewing. 

Almost at the end of the trail I found the connection to a new trail built from here out to East Main Road.
I have yet to explore this trail, but plan to do so soon. 


When I turned around to head back to the trail, I was excited to spot this- 

My amazing friend Polly Allen and the LC Prevention Coalition organized a family scavenger hunt this summer. Reminiscence of my letterboxing adventures with my kiddos many years ago,
I had a moment of nostalgia before returning back to the trail. 

The end of the wooden path opens up to this beautiful vista. 

I’m not entirely sure if this path does a complete loop around this little pond, I didn’t head that way today.

This is a great safe hike with little ones, there are high side walls if the elevation increases. No worries about them heading towards cars, or into the woods if they’ll stay on the path. As I mentioned, also handicapped accessible, and easily accessed from the parking lot with the new paved path. You don’t have to do any of the figure eight path to get from the parking lot to the Dundery Brook Trail.