Top 5 Vacation Rental Must Haves!

When looking to purchase a vacation rental home there are certain elements to a home that would make it more desirable to guests.

In my last post, I shared what makes a good location for a rental home. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Today, I wanted to share things within a home that guests are looking for. My experience is in Rhode Island, a beachy part of the world. So I will be speaking to this type of property. Obviously some of these tips will not apply to all parts of the world.

  1. Air conditioning- our guests all want air conditioning in the home. If you cannot provide central air, then prioritize the bedrooms with individual units and fans when possible.
  2. En-Suite bathrooms- when traveling with other people, there is nothing much more stressful than sharing a bathroom. Particularly when each of us brings our own collection of products. Whenever possible, provide a seperate bathroom for each bedroom.
  3. Hardwood floors- clean! Guests want a clean home and carpets complicate that, so we generally have hardwood floors throughout our homes.
  4. Workable kitchen- many guests take the opportunity for family dinners in the house when they are traveling. (Not me, my vacations are not for cooking! HAHA) Having workable kitchen layout and open to other areas of the home is a huge bonus. Having the kitchen well stocked with pots, pans, the most common kitchen appliances, and here in Little Compton we must always have a lobster pot! One of our homes is extremely well stocked and we always get so many compliments about this specifically. If you want a listing of what we have provided in this particular kitchen, my contact information can be found here here. If you are ready to purchase, follow this link to a complete selection of all the kitchen basics that will WOW your guests.
  5. Open floor plan- families are coming together to share time in your home, the more open space the better. This is one of the benefits of renting a home, lots of time to spend together. So if part of the family is in the kitchen and part is in the living room but they can still feel like they are sharing time together, this is the best!

Here are a couple of our kitchen layouts, leave a comment with your favorite!

Samuel Church
Nonquit Cottage
Tiverton Four Corners Schoolhouse No. 1
Potters Corner
Seabury Home