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Farmstays in Tiverton Rhode Island

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Broody Hens & Hatching Chicks

We have new chicks at Sakonnet Farm, hatched the old fashioned way. This is the second time we had the mama birds do the work for us, my post about the first time can be found here. When the chickens get broody, they spend all day sitting on their eggs, regardless if you go in there […]

Wordless Wednesday- Liver for the Chicks

I have not done a Wordless Wednesday in a while, but this seemed appropriate. I felt like I was part of one of those Friday night murder mysteries we watch on Dateline. What was really going on? I was trying to help my poor chicks that had eaten some bad feed. See their poor crooked […]

Sakonnet Farm is becoming a reality

I don’t think I’ve posted in a week- and I really miss it. But, thinks have been crazy over here (that’s not new) in a very different way. Monday night we bought Maggie- out new goat. She is so cute- I have a couple great stories to tell, but I’m so tired I can’t type […]

Mother Nauture Knows Best

Since I skipped Wordless Wednesday this week, I’m taking the liberty to use that post today. Look what is going on in our coop today- this morning everyone was busy doing their thing. See the top right box, there is a chicken who has been sitting on her eggs for just the right amount of […]

Our chicks- relocated

Elysian Field Originals: Visitor to the Hen House Here is a link to Valerie’s blog where she mentioned some of our “girls” she had bought from us in the summer. They are looking pretty happy- I can’t say the same for the older hens- they are looking pretty bothered by the new chicks. Hey- just […]

Mixed week for the chickens

We were awoken at 6:45 this morning to a very strange noise. It sounded like one of the cats were stuck somewhere, but coming from outside. Knowing they were both in the bathroom for the night; I had to get up to investigate. Turns out it was one of the chickens, a hen, doing her […]

Chick Hatching- Play by Play Photo’s

I’m loving Monday because…1.the kids are back to school today!!2. my husband (again, I guess he’s a keeper) fixed our computer after I deleted the whole Microsoft Suite by accident without losing any of our files!3. our 2 new chicks hatched & are doing well4. Shape up RI -for making me get back into exercising.5. […]

Our First Hatching

As we calculated, our first chick arrived today; right on time. When we got up this morning, around 6, there was a circle cracked in the egg. After watching it for a while, we heard the first “cheep”- I was so excited!! The kids spent the morning fighting for position looking into the window hoping […]

He is definitely a rooster

I have previously mentioned that we thought we had a rooster in the mix of the young chickens. He is. My seven year old daughter came up from the coop yesterday afternoon hollering about how he is definitely a rooster because he was chasing all the girls around and pecking at them. My husband concurred […]

RI Red laying ?!?!

Yesterday we got 2 eggs from the chickens for the first time in months. And, one was brown- you know what that means – one of the RI reds are laying. How exciting. They are only 3 and 1/2 months old. Is that even possible? I don’t know, but no one else is a brown […]