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Art & Artisan Festival Today!

The Art & Artisan Festival is hosting it’s 30th event at the Mill Pond Shops of Tiverton Four Corners today. There are over 50 vendors nestled into the gorgeous grounds behind the Mill Pond Shops. It is definitely worth a stop. To see a list of the vendors, please click here. 

Rhody Ramble- Great Resource for Families

I received a great email yesterday from Preserve Rhode Island about their Rhody Ramble website. As I took a quick glance through the list of events, I was really excited about how many seemed so interesting.  Take for instance this Saturday at Coggeshall Farm in Bristol- Wake up the Barnyard- “Head over with the nature […]

Local Food Forum & Real Food Challenge

I don’t think you can get much more “real” than chicken feet stock- but in hopes to keep it real, I have joined in Jenny’s Real Food Challenge at The Nourished Kitchen. Every day she is emailing an assignment to help learn about the principles of a nourishing diet including the importance of grass-finished and […]

Stuffed French Toast

New goal- use something in pantry/freezer from the summer. I know I have mentioned that I hoard this stuff – why?? I have been good with the relish & jelly- we use mine exclusively, but everything else gets saved for a “special” occasion. Yes, I know, this makes no sense. So, in order to help […]