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Price Comparison- Sakonnet Farm chicken vs. Grocery Store pricing

We raised our own meat birds, Freedom Rangers. We chose that breed because they have a darker & more flavorful meat than the Cornish Cross. The Cornish Cross are the huge white birds that you see in the factory farm pictures, the ones that grow so fast they have heart attacks. Freedom Rangers are a […]

RI Farm Scavenger Hunt

We have meet some great people because of the RI Farm Scavenger Hunt, have you visited your local farms recently? This is a very fun way you can support your local farmers and enter to win this raffle at the same time.  Some folks will win a collection of coupons to the various farms. But […]

What’s new at Sakonnet Farm

It has been a VERY long time since I have written a blog post, hard to believe at one point I was posting every day. Now that there are no kids home with me, everything is different. We have been very busy on the farm this summer. We have new fencing, new animals, new plans….. Please […]

Tiverton Four Corners Schoolhouse No. 1

Old Tiverton Four Corners Schoolhouse No. 1 is located within Historic Tiverton Four Corners. Let your imagination wander back to the mid 1800’s as you pass through the proper boys or girls door into this fully remodeled structure. Ring the working vintage twenty-four inch, cast-iron school bell to gather your friends and family for an […]

Broody Hens & Hatching Chicks

We have new chicks at Sakonnet Farm, hatched the old fashioned way. This is the second time we had the mama birds do the work for us, my post about the first time can be found here. When the chickens get broody, they spend all day sitting on their eggs, regardless if you go in there […]

Updates from our crazy life- 2 months in one post!

Howdy, y’all! Yes, we are still alive up here in our little corner of RI. I can’t believe it’s been two months since I last posted- my life has been completely changed, in a good way. No worries about being bored with all the kids in school anymore! For a while, I was picking up […]

I think we’re all set for now….

Hubby went to the auction last night to get A (singular- meaning one) friend for Maggie last night. I stayed home with my eldest to catch up on homework & sleep. MISTAKE! He came home with- THREE friends for Maggie- At least 6 of these- (top hats I think) A Peacock! And a duck!! At […]

Wonderful day Working in the Woods

I tried to capture the essence of what we did today over at the farm, but it was pretty hard to photograph. We were working on getting a space for the goat and some of the chickens to get over there. There was a shed/coop from when the original owner was there. So we started […]

Sakonnet Farm is becoming a reality

I don’t think I’ve posted in a week- and I really miss it. But, thinks have been crazy over here (that’s not new) in a very different way. Monday night we bought Maggie- out new goat. She is so cute- I have a couple great stories to tell, but I’m so tired I can’t type […]

It’s Official !!!

We are now owners of a second piece of property! Woo-Hoo! I snapped a few pix as I was standing there looking in awe at my surroundings. Here is the 360 degree from behind the garage. For some better pictures, you can go back here. And to keep tabs on what is going on there- […]